Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pamper Yourself

My "Drive for Pride" rolls on.

But I've come to the realization that you need all kinds of groundwork on a thing like this. It seems there's plenty of pride shysters out there who've given the concepts of self-help a bad name. They're preying on people's troubles to make a quick buck. So that tars the rest of us, like me, who only want to do good for people. And, you know, if you can make a dollar or two off of cups or T-shirts, that's just a natural outcome.

But if you need groundwork ... then groundwork you'll get. Meaning, I'm not in a big hurry to take my "Drive" to schools, factories, nursing homes, and churches. Why hurry? Self-esteem and the need for pride aren't going to go out of style. It's like toilet paper. The need's going to be there tomorrow just like it was today. I will study, I will formulate, I will theorize, I will take well-deserved breaks, I will cogitate, I will mull it over, I will sit up late at night sketching out notes ... whatever it takes, however long it takes. I'll sweat it out.

What I just said sounds like a lot of work. It no doubt is. But it's also a joy. Because I think one of the joys of life is to look within and think, then, who knows, maybe to go beyond thinking. To the realm where you just know. Like an eagle looking out from his aerie. He saw a mouse heading south 10 minutes ago. That means it's got to be close to a particular cactus. But I'll wait till the sun arches over another degree or two. Then I'll swoop in and pick him up for a quick meal. All this stuff, I'm suggesting, the eagle just knows. Ah, you say, but maybe the mouse just knows as well. That's a great point. That's true. The two must coexist. But it's a fact that you do see more eagles carrying away mice than mice eagles.

Anyway, what I'm saying is that with work, my psyche will develop the instincts I already have, because that's just the way it works. We're all experts at it in a sense, because it's who we are. But whoever hones his or her innate expertise of course will be more able to use it, like an eagle's talons, for good. Or in some cases, for bad, as with the pride shysters.

My thought today on self-esteem, the pursuit of it and the having it, is to pamper yourself. Not wanton profligacy. Not wallowing in a bed of lust. Not emulating John Edwards or Sen. David Vitter in any way, shape, or form. No, pamper yourself in a good way.

What does pampering yourself do for self-esteem? It is a continual reminder to yourself that you are worthy of good things. That good things can and should come your way, but that it all starts right here at home. There's no reason you shouldn't be looking out for number one. After all, everything you can be for someone else has to start with a good outlook within yourself.

Pampering yourself could be sleeping in late. Or savoring, slowly sipping a cup of tea. Or spending the morning in your bathrobe, not because you're too depressed to get dressed, but because you feel like being comfortable. How about giving yourself permission to read slowly?

I think there's just something in slowing down that gives you the edge. Let's say you speed up and work yourself to a frazzle or work yourself to death. All those serious responsibilities that weigh you down will still be there ... for the next rat to race around worrying about.

Don't let your responsibilities go, of course, because that's eventually very debilitating. But know that if you're not right in here, it's going to affect everything out there in a negative way.

Whew. This "Drive for Pride" stuff is intense. Meaning it's time for me to punch the clock and get out of here. Because I have a million things to do.

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