Saturday, September 19, 2009

Thoughts And Words (Tweets)

Put it into words, what you're feeling ... or maybe not.

Words are very selective. Like a Pachinko ball falling, every peg it has to hit slows it down & you've thought a dozen thoughts in between.

But thinking is more than the quantity of thoughts. It's a cloud of NOT-thinking too.

I have them lined up and ready to dispense. That's one thing. Then there's a whole gumball globe that seems empty but it's really full.

Go up the slot, carefully set the ordered ones off to the side, swim up among the unordered ones, look around, then just quit looking.

I'd love to quit looking. They say purification of motives is the way it is. I have a feeling there's no "way it is," not so predictable.

There's real world happiness right here in the real world. Quit striving, quit begging, quit being a nuisance to yourself. Like I am to me!

I need one more pithy thing to say but I can't think of one now. So ... I leave this non-process time of meditation with a process thought.

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