Friday, September 11, 2009

Seth Biggs Was Such A Pious Man

Help, I'm in the unbreakable thrall of an earworm, the song "Put Me Amongst the Girls." This is a true statement.

I wrote a post the other day with that title, about my conquests at the last grange dance. And listened to the song a couple of times.

That's it! And ever since -- not 24/7 but still lots -- I've had this song in mind. I'll be doing anything, trying to read, sit in silence for my personal well-being, take the dog out, and I'm constantly going over it, "Seth Biggs was such a pious man..." I'm seriously more concerned with Seth Biggs' piety than my own! And Seth Biggs is probably nothing more than a fictional character. I'm sort of fictional, but at least I'm actual enough to be typing this.

The weird thing about this earworm is that I've heard plenty of other songs since then. Including some of the new Beatles' remasters, which are excellent so far. Plus I've listened to my iPod, a wide variety of other songs. And yet there it is, omnipresent in my thoughts, "Thomas Harry Jones came up to London town / He meant to be a member of the police force..."

Today I was seated in silence, reading something in peace and the thought suddenly occurred to me out of the blue that I wasn't thinking of the song "Put Me Amongst the Girls." Which of course meant that it returned. Especially the "Seth Biggs" line, he's "such a pious man."

Concerning "Thomas Harry Jones," you know he meant to be a member of the police force, and all that? The next line is so clever, and it's also part of this earworm: "His feet were regulation feet / Just the feet to ornament a beat." Very clever. But go over it in your mind 500 times! I can't get rid of this guy's feet! Or the other guy's piety.


CAM said...

Love this song! Where did you hear it? I know it from an old Davy Jones album I had as a kid.

dbkundalini said...

The "David Jones" album is where I know it from too. If you check around you'll find, Davy Jones has reissued that album on CD with quite a few bonus tracks. And I believe someone else has reissued it as the original album (on CD).