Monday, September 14, 2009

Making Living Creatures Happy (Tweets)

If I were to make the slightest sign to my dog that I was willing to take her to the park, she wouldn't rest until we got there.

All I have to do, really, is look at her in a particularly interested way ... just that little sign would be a sign to her something was up.

In a few minutes it's going to happen. I'm going to do my part toward granting joy to the universe by blessing one little dog. It's cosmic!

Someday I'm thinking when she's on her deathbed, I'll say "Park" and she'll rouse bravely one last time, then finally fall back exhausted.

But that's sad to think about. It's never too early, though, in my opinion, to think of the blessings you can bring to other living things.

OK ... I'm just about ready to make my move. She's crashed out on the floor to my left. Sleeping, not soundly, but a superficial nap.

Do you wanna go to the park? Yea! Yea! Underbrush is very excited! Jumping, anxious, ready to go! Let's go! C'mon! Let's do it! Yes!

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