Monday, September 7, 2009

Weird Fashion

When I was at the bookstore the other day I came [this close] to buying a book on fashion trends, weird fashion, something like that. It was chock full of cool color pictures of bored, archly posed models. And I believe some of them were printed at angles for extra coolness.

O that I had bought it! I've been kicking myself ever since. But it was $14.98 and since I'm used to getting my books at thrift stores, anything over a few dollars seems high to me. I just need to remind myself that's normal for everyone else. And I'm certainly not going to find anything that cool at the thrift store, at least until 20 years from now when some current kid grows up and gets rid of her things.

The book -- I didn't catch the publisher's name -- was published by the same publisher who put out a book on tattoos. The books were right next to each other. Maybe I can Google it. (Nah, can't find it for sure. There's some tattoo books that look sort of like it but I can't remember it precisely. Anyway, it was the fashion book I wanted. But the tattoo book was cool too. It had some nudity, as people have their entire bodies tattooed in some cases.)

Why would I want this book on fashion? I'm not a fashionable person. That's for sure. I have a few boring shirts, a few boring pairs of pants, a couple pairs of boring shoes, one belt, some normal underpants, etc. My budget for clothes is zero. I don't buy fashion magazines, etc., etc. I would want it because of the fun ideas it might stimulate. I don't know how everyone else gets ideas for things, but I need to have my brain kicked into gear once in a while. Like when it's empty. Like now. And if I see a bunch of unusual patterns, strange makeup, clothes with wings, bushels of fabric piled high, that would do it.

I tried to go to a fashion blog. But she must have some kind of weird script on it because my computer rebelled. So my hard drive went into one of those terrible spins where it can barely quit. Things were being closed out -- my browser. Then it spun some more and the browser finally came back. Firefox has a message now saying "How embarrassing," that Firefox closed and is having troubles restoring your tabs. We went YEARS without seeing that, but now everyday there it is, "How embarrassing." Very annoying.

I would love to be a fashionable guy. Here I come, in a cute little T shirt, the bottom all askew, dipping down on the sides to a point, a V neck all the way to my solar plexus, a hat that looks like an inverted purse with a red feather sticking straight out of my head. My pants aren't Oshkosh B'Gosh, but more like Posh O'myGod. People's heads are turning as they see a series of bells and whistles dangling everywhere.

It's the fashionable life for me!

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