Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Chief The Achiever" or "Beaver the Achiever"

My mind's been racing ever since I launched the "Drive for Pride" campaign. Maybe it was only yesterday. Whenever, I'm in overdrive, my mental wheels are spinning.

I was thinking about the achievements of achievers and thought that'd make a catchy slogan, saying, "Achievement is Achievable." Then if we had an exemplar of achievement, someone to inspire the kids, someone we could put on T-shirts and cups and make money off of, that'd be great too.

Wouldn't it be cool to have "Chief the Achiever"? A guy in full headdress, the feathers of a dozen noble eagles adorning him, lifting one big hand and telling kids to stay in school, get good grades, and believe in themselves. I know in the '70s we had the chief who teared up at the sight of litter. The lack of self esteem and pride is equally a blight on our young. If only it weren't suddenly politically verboten to exploit Native American culture. Darnit!

So I think we're going to have to come up with something less likely to stir up a range war. Something involving animals, maybe a cartoon beaver with his two big teeth. With one of those sparkle effects on one of them. The beaver is an animal we definitely associate with achievement. They build dams to power their little villages.

A beaver would probably fit the bill. It'd get the message across -- maybe we'll have a game for the kids, "Who's the Braver Beaver?" If you think you can, maybe you can. Any tree of discouragement the braver beaver sees, he launches out and chews it down.

How about "Beaver the Achiever"? I like that. No political fallout from exploited peoples. And animals don't care. They just keep on munchin'. Don't let a tree get in your way. Bite every tree that gets in your way. Are you going to let a tree's bark be worse than your bite? The Braver Beaver is Beaver the Achiever!

I'm more excited now than when I first thought of the "Drive for Pride" campaign, which I do believe was literally just yesterday. It's promising to be a goldmine for my own personal self esteem deficit and lack of achievement. Now, I'm accruing plenty of bonus points. And that's life.

What will you achieve today?

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