Wednesday, November 4, 2009

All Due Digiligence -- The Rage With Me


Due diligence is all the rage with me.

I'm up, I'm at 'em, I'm stoked, I'm prevailing, accomplishing, kicking booty left and right, swiftly and persistently.

Some may think it's a personality flaw but I see it as a strength. And if anyone wants to argue about it, I'll never give up till I win.

If you want to win, you have to aim high, for the top, then claw your way with all due diligence till you get there.

I'm well aware that not everyone is as diligent as I. It seems I'm a part of the elite, the diligentsia. We get together and grunt.

I'm in a race with myself, always wanting to give 150%. Someone pointed out to me that's just a figure of speech, making me try even harder.

Even now I'm bouncing in my chair, champing at the bit, eager for my next personal conquest, just begging for someone to challenge me.

I'm definitely taking care of business. Yeah! Yeah! Rrrrrrrr! USA! USA! USA!

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