Saturday, November 21, 2009

Still Able to Sit Up And Take Nourishment

I went out to eat tonight with some folks.

I'm feeling dead tired. But I was able to sit there and take nourishment. Once the food finally showed up. We had some slow service.

Whatever the conversation, I wasn't interested, being tired. So I'm staring straight ahead and thinking of smart aleck comments that I could've made but didn't.

Then finally, munch munch, look at the clock, listen to the conversation, stare at things.

I noticed the restaurant had some books on a shelf. But they were old Reader's Digest condensed novels, the cockroach of books. So I'm confronted by cockroach books, wishing the restaurant might've been classier.

The day is coming to a conclusion. A few exercises, watch some Three Stooges, take the dog out, and I'll be about ready for bed.

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