Monday, November 9, 2009


Enough of the spinelessness that dominates so much of our lives!

Self-esteem, pride, and confidence demand a little backbone, maybe a whole lotta backbone.

If you haven't got one, you gotta get one. And if you do have one, keep it strong, strong enough to see you through the tough challenges of the day.

We're too used to giving up and giving in instead of standing strong. The least little thing, we're a crumpled mass on the floor. Instead, we want to be able to stand, and having done all, to still be standing.

To have a spine, as the term is used, is to be able to stand tall. We use it as an image for strength, resilience, and durability. Most of the opposition we face that has any strength of course has a spine. And a lot of the power of those with a spine depends on the rest of us being spineless. It's one of those cases where, sometimes, a spine meets a spine it doesn't know what to do!

The thing we're emphasizing here -- in the whole "Drive for Pride" campaign -- is not only to have a spine, but to have (or be) Superspine! Meaning you've got a rock solid spine that is super, but you also have that thing in your head to guide it. Because the spine bone's connected to the brain bone.

The example I gave of those with a spine having their power because they depend on the rest of us being spineless. You can find out what their spine is really made of if you keep your spine connected to your brain. That is, if you add brain to brawn.

One thing I don't like about the Superman movies is that he can have all the powers in the world and still be helpless. Why's that? Because for there to be any danger to Superman, making the conflict in the movie, they have to come up with creatures with equal power. To me that's a drag. Because what's the point of the movie being about SUPERman if everyone in town is Superman? At this point there's no reason for me to be watching the movie. I could be watching a couple of kids fighting in the living room if I wanted to watch people with the same power fighting it out. So to me that's no good. When I watch Superman, I want to see Superman prevailing every second of everyday, kicking butt and taking names.

Fortunately for us life isn't simply a matter of fighting it out. You're not going to come across Superspine everywhere you look. Meaning that you can be Superspine in your own neighborhood, office, church or synagogue or mosque, and family.

It's not really a matter of the actual spine, of course. It's a matter of what your mind does with the spine, again in that metaphorical sense. So start with the brain bone. Always start there. What's it saying to the spine? That I'm spineless, shriveling, about to crumple under the weight of my constant frustration? Or is it saying I will prevail, I will kick butt and take names, I will be the epitome of strength and confidence?

Today, I will be Superspine.

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