Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Odds Of Not Yawning


What a nice day! I set the clock back an hour and the thermometer 10 degrees.

November came and suddenly it's heaven on earth.

So I'm an hour younger than I would've been and a lot warmer.

Twitter's nice. It allows me to have textual relations with lots of people.

My guess: I'm the first person to use the words Family Bible, Snickers, Dilly Bars, Bravura Cologne, Undies and Bricks in one sentence.

So what's the odds of that? Is that something that can even be calculated?

I have a family Bible, I just ate a Snickers, last night a Dilly Bar, I have a Bravura record here, I'm wearing undies and I can see bricks.

Let's all beat the odds. The odds might be really loooonnnnng and against you. But chances are you can beat them. Note, I said chances are.

To say "chances are" is to assume there's some odds involved. The odds of there not being odds involved are not good.

In fact, what are the odds that odds AREN'T involved whenever something's done? The odds might be zero before you start, but they increase.

Except the odds can't be zero then increase, because the fact that you did it means there were some odds that it would or could be done.

There's some WILL involved. I was yawning at 7 a.m., then told myself not to yawn anymore. I haven't yawned since then. What are the odds?

Even I have a hard time believing that I managed to do that. I almost yawned at 7:01 and 7:02 but stifled it, and so I haven't yawned since.

I didn't know I would utterly succeed at not yawning. I was doubtful. So obviously I thought the odds were against me. Which is weird.

It's weird because I'm generally optimistic when I decide to do something, set my mind for it and POP. It's done. But this amazes me.

If you can set your mind on something and do it, that's an achievement. Odds are pretty good you could do more meaningful things.

Oops, I just yawned.

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