Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Do Things With All Due Diligence


With all due respect, you really ought to do things with all due diligence.

The house is on fire? Be calm and get everyone out. Maybe rescue your pets if it's not too much effort. But do it with all due diligence.

A car's coming at you head-on? Be calm. First, quit texting immediately. Second, with all due diligence, swerve.

Diligence. I bet I could look up the word and find it has an interesting root. Perhaps it's from the same root as DELicious or DILLY Bar.

It's a great characteristic for someone to have. The definition being something like an extraordinary effort at accomplishing something.

What's desirable, from my point of view, is to have diligence as an ordinary thing. To face every challenge -- big or small -- diligently.

Diligence implies you're scoping out all the angles, acting in a purposeful way toward a goal, believing in yourself, that it can be done.

There's an extra effort in it. Confidence calls forth from you what's extra, not only to get it done, but to do it in a terrific way.

I've had a few tasks today. I've stepped through them with all due diligence. This is done, that is done, and I'm working on the rest.

I recommend it to you. Take on your day, your tasks and challenges. See them accomplished in the best way, with a very confident diligence.

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