Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What You Believe Is Hogwash

There's always someone right there to tell you that everything you believe is hogwash.

You may be tiptoeing around them all the time, but of course there's no such compunction guiding anyone else in return. So, be it known, one and all, that no matter what you believe, it's all hogwash.

It's a great term, hogwash. You can think of hogs in their field, frolicking through the mud, taking a dip every now and then, mostly to relieve themselves of flies, an itch, or dry skin. Whether hogs scratch up against a post when they've got an itch, they probably do. Hogs are intelligent animals. But occasionally they need hosed down, so they line up next to the hose and get hosed down, like anyone would.

But what you believe. What is it? You tell me. Then I'll tell you. Whatever it is, there's a million arguments against it. What are you even bothering for?

Maybe your ancestors believed it and their ancestors and the pilgrims and the first white man to discover what others had already discovered and the Greeks and the cave man. But there's still good reasons to think otherwise. Because of this assumption, this presupposition, this doctrine, this dogma, this verse (that could be taken in more than one way), this teacher, this prejudice, etc.

You're certain, I was certain.

It actually is better -- better by far -- just to go through life with your mouth completely closed. The silent treatment. Then if someone says something you're just not comprehending. Raise your shoulders. Smile. Go about your business.

Whatever, whatever, whatever.

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