Monday, November 30, 2009

Building A Building

How's everyone doing? Good, great, glad to hear it.

I saw one of my friends was despondent last night. I thought about saying something encouraging. But then didn't want to get "involved."

You have to know when to come to someone's aid and when not to. I have a surefire method, called "When the time comes...guess."

Could I be the first person in the history of the world to liken personal growth to building a building? I think I probably am.

At some level, it seems obvious. So it's strange that no one's ever thought of it. But I guess that's why I was born, to think of it.

So my purpose in life has now been fulfilled. Hurray for me!

Listen to this: "Brick by brick, the foundation is layed." Laid? Lain? Lay?

Anyway, there's a foundation, comprised of bricks. One brick set next to another, then bricks set on top of those.

And so forth and so on, until it's as tall as a tower. A big huge, a big honking huge tower, towering over the whole land.

And that's enough. I also have a brick shell and I'm going to crawl back into it. Good night and may all your dreams be at night.

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