Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Set Your Mind -- Mental Acuity Is Good


How am I doing on setting my mind? Pretty well, yes sir.

I had a major afternoon nap, a little over an hour. That was kind of a killer because some of that time's prime real estate.

During that time I kept my mind set, but if I'm being completely honest -- like always -- I'm sure it went several extraneous directions.

The day isn't over. I still have things to do. I'm doing this [Twitter] and I'm as focused as a high def camera to get it done.

Then I have real work to do as well, which will keep me occupied through the course of the evening. The nap will pay for itself then!

Whatever give and take there is, I will have that thought up there somewhere of how my mind is SET. That discipline will be real.

What's this I see coming in view? Some unexpected challenge? I've already foreseen the unforeseen earlier and will not be sidelined.

Mental acuity -- I won't leave home without it.

Brain stem, don't fail me now!

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