Monday, November 16, 2009

Moxie On The Ball

Now that's what I call Moxie on the Ball!

Which, incidentally, I have in profound abundance.

Sixty seconds ago I didn't have it, or didn't think I did. There's so many other activities a guy can go do. Why sit here and tire out my tired little mind trying to develop the concept of Moxie on the Ball? After all, I know it ... and isn't that what's important? It's the selfish approach.

But then, you know -- altruism, one's own sense of security in his moxieness -- it's not going to kill me to sketch out a little something. And it might even do me some good; even though I basically have everything I need, a supplemental wouldn't hurt, like one for the road, so my day will go as well as it can. One more, one more, one more.

The only thing that would give me more Moxie on the Ball would be to have another hour of sleep every night. Because moxie for me partially has to do with being well rested. I had a busy day yesterday -- was up early, then to bed a little later than I should've been, and, worst of all, there was no nap. A nap is great for moxie. So put it together: up early, bed late, no nap ... of course I would be better off this morning if it'd had one.

But, even with with this disadvantage, and even though I'm feeling lethargic -- I got up and had a hard time focusing on my reading -- there's still enough (I believe) Moxie on the Ball to put in a decent effort toward life today and see success.

One thing that would take away my possibilities would be to dwell too long on the lack of sleep. Because dwelling on it chips away at the confidence I already have. Meaning, if I mourn what I don't have I'll lose what I do have, meaning I'll have more to mourn about as that goes, then what remains after that will be chipped away, and so on and so on until I'm dried up in a corner.

Instead, what level of confidence I have, I need to keep that and add to it. And I do have confidence. Especially as time ticks on and I'm in various social settings. It's there that I have to have it, so I do. The confidence, the creativity, the ability to roll with the punches, to go with the flow, to get done what needs to get done, to surprise myself occasionally -- it's all Moxie on the Ball that wins the day.

How do you get Moxie on the Ball if you haven't got it? You probably already do have it. I haven't met anyone who wanted Moxie on the Ball who didn't already have it, perhaps in a hidden form. If you don't want it, you haven't got it. If you want it -- you're your own genie in the bottle to grant your wish. You have the wish within you.

So you grant your own wish, for Moxie on the Ball. Then you step forward with a consciousness that says you will succeed, you will have confidence, you will have creativity, you do know how to put the pieces together -- socially, artistically, spiritually, any old way -- and to do so in a way that gets it accomplished and is a blessing to your life and others.

Use your Moxie on the Ball today and have the best life. And use your powers for good.

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