Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Problem With Raptures

We have another prediction for "The Rapture," this time for May 21. Hope springs eternal, I guess, as does disappointment. And there's no reason whatsoever to expect this time will be different. Come May 22, there's going to be some well-intentioned people who are going to discover what it means to be let down.

The main man at the center of the current round of folly, Harold Camping, a radio minister, might be well-intentioned, too. But he'll be more to blame, because he should've learned his lesson the first time, having predicted the same thing for 1994. Guess what, he was wrong. Wisdom and years, he's fairly old, are not to be confused!

Let's just express the biggest problem with Raptures and the whole way of Bible interpretation behind it. It's not bloody likely that reality works that way. That's huge. But putting that aside, the big problem with Raptures is they always use arbitrary numbers. Like when Noah's flood was. That's the key date behind this one. That it was supposedly 4009 B.C., and adding up a few other numbers, you come to 2011. But it's strictly a matter of garbage in, garbage out. Because what if the flood, setting aside any argument to it ever actually happening, wasn't that year? Check out any Bible chronology. Notice anything unusual? That's right, each one is different!

Anyway, adding up arbitrary numbers based on arbitrary combinations usually comes up with a total. It just so happens, though, that it never matches up with anything that ever really happens. It's all fantasy.

You may as well buckle down and do good here on Earth. There's no Rapture escape. This is reality.

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