Monday, March 7, 2011

A Day For Staring Down A Well

Today would be a good day for staring down a well. But I haven't got one to stare down. We have a well in the backyard, of course, but there's no hole to stare down.

Maybe a mirror would do sort-of just as well, except it lacks that watery reflection I'd like. Maybe a pan of water would be good, except it's not a well.

Ack! Maybe just being along near a stream would be good, if you didn't look up and see someone else walking by. A stream that was running slowly enough to get a good view of yourself looking back, that'd be good. That'd be a good way to be literally reflective on the course of your life.

I haven't had enough streams or wells. I don't remember ever staring in a well, now that I think of it. But it'd sure be a welcome diversion if I had one.

What's the problem? I'm need to get in touch with something different than what I've got going on. Something more.

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