Monday, March 21, 2011

The Pink Professor At The End Of My Path


It's spring break and that means being where the boys are. As Connie Francis sang, "Where the boys are someone waits for me." Likewise, I'm sure, for the rest of us looking for our guy at the end of our path.

For me, it's the Pink Professor, the guy I met toward the end of last year at the bikers bar on the edge of town. He serves as the Pink Professor character there, softening up what would otherwise be a very hard crowd. He brings refinement to the coarse atmosphere.

Though we're well on our way -- our relationship blooming all the time -- I can still hardly believe it. I thank my lucky stars all the time. So I'm not taking anything for granted, but I still treat our relationship as though I still have something to win. I've been reading about the spiritual journey (from the writings of the Rosicrucians), and it reminded me of the journey that I feel I'm on ... leading to everlasting bliss with the Pink Professor.

Today's post reflects that. And I guess it's interesting that I said post, since I chose a pillar for today's illustration. In subsequent posts, it will be a zipper and a washboard, for reasons (good or bad) that I will get to when it comes time to write them (I frankly don't remember right now.)

In my romantic Rosicrucian pursuit, there are revealed to me big gates. These are shut, making my way to the Pink Professor very difficult; the only thing that might make it more difficult might be if they were open, since I'd be wondering, Now what do I do? But ... wait! They're opening! Now what do I do?

I've got my eyes closed, picturing all this. There's big pillars to my right and left, and some lions, lawn ornaments, that aren't nearly as scary as they're supposed to be. If they had a couple statues of boys peeing, that'd be more scary, since I'd just as soon not get any bodily fluids on me, at least till the end of my quest.

What's this next? A big maze I have to negotiate, made of corn. I'm stepping through it, eyes closed again, but this time because I know I must trust my intuition. I feel some corn silk hitting my arm. And to think I used to smoke this stuff.

Making it through the maze, I am being dramatically buffeted by some fiery dragons. I hope they don't get too close to the corn or the whole kingdom's going up in smoke! I'm going to keep my eyes open for this challenge. I trust my intuition, but I trust it more in a lifeless corn maze and less with dragons that are all too real. What will I do? I have an idea. I'll run in the middle and draw their attention to me, then, fire spewing forth, I dive a scant second before the blast, and they've incinerated each other!

I go a little further, then I find myself on a gigantic pinball machine. I'm looking around, and, good God, this seems familiar. I've seen this somewhere before -- but where? Oh, you know what? This is the pinball machine from the old game show "The Magnificent Marble Machine," from the '70s, an old favorite of mine! But thankfully it wasn't on that long, because I remember myself feeling stressed that the big old machine, never changing, was going to be old hat in no time. Fortunately, I remember precisely how it went, and I'm able to outmaneuver the big silver ball, which would have crushed me.

My next labor is to face a thousand red-eyed demons, the exact kind my minister, Pastor Wadd, warned me about. On the wall, though, there was a sacred sword, the kind that kills demons, especially in a trained hand like I keep at the end of my arm. I slice them to steaks. Someone in the kingdom's going to have a hell of a barbecue tonight!

Finally, a big gate opens. This is the way to the chambers! I see the radiance of the kingdom. The Pink Professor's in here somewhere! Everything becomes very clear as the radiance fades. There's a throne with a big abstract lawn figure on it, hands on its knees. I see it fading out, then the Pink Professor appearing, then disappearing, then appearing more distinctly.

It's like a big whammy to me! I'm in love, but can I approach?

Next: The Zipper!

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