Saturday, April 17, 2010

Industrial Sabotage In The Industrial Section

Sit back and let your mind go. Floating downstream, is it a daydream? Or the opening up of a deeper consciousness that is there all the time, meant to guide you and every organism? And beyond organisms, with all things being self-guiding, self-enlightening, etc., etc.?

It helps me, I'll just say it right here, to know that some of my ways are divinely ordained, or, excluding that, are guided by a self-guiding universe beyond just the day to day consciousness that I have, in which I'm worried about every little thing. I suppose worry would have a function in the self-guiding universe -- since it appears to exist -- but it takes away some of my sense of clarity for the path ahead, and it seems anyway that a self-guiding universe would advance along with a lot more confidence, even to the point of having no confidence, because there's nothing for it to be un-confident about.

It's tape loops like this that help me get back to sleep after I've gotten up to go to the bathroom at 3 in the morning. All the things I worry about can wait until morning, like what that weird noise is in the refrigerator fan, or wondering if that could be a rat making all that racket under my bed, or whether the thickening smoke in my room might be from something left on the stove. I just think philosophically, which is another word for ignoring everything by being subsumed in something that at least appears to be bigger than me.

Now, about the industrial section of town, what to do about it, I could stay in bed or sit in my easy chair or putter around in the yard and drift off into one of these self-guiding universe reveries. Or I could take those philosophies -- insights that I have that the poor, dull, unreflective common man doesn't think about -- and use them on behalf of my personal interests, and thereby for the public good.

Am I thinking what you're starting to think I'm thinking? I believe so, if you're starting to think that maybe I'm thinking of ... industrial sabotage.

But what to do about all the infernal video cameras! That's what I come up against every time! Why was I born in a time when the video camera was invented?! How much easier it would've been back in the day, when your every move wasn't under constant surveillance! Like with the Luddites. And it's all machines now. We've made ourselves slaves to machines and now we can't move except their big ugly eye catches our every move. The video camera was invented by a very suspicious person with too much time on his hands.

That means a do-gooding citizen like me can't climb over, crawl under, burrow beneath, fly over, etc. We're stymied! All because getting from Point A to Point B -- the most natural path -- suffers from regulation. They've blocked our path. We have allowed machines -- themselves a product of the industrial section -- to now regulate the industrial section. That's crazy! That's like turning over the grocery store to the brown paper sack! The brown paper sack was made to serve the store, not the other way around! Sheesh!

Anyway, it's frustrating. Self-guiding universe, my ____!

So, since there's no way to get in there undetected -- it's Mission Impossible -- I'm going to have to forget it. If things don't change, there'll be no burrowing under the ground to get at the controls. There'll be no unplugging everything and letting all the cooling fluids drain out, thereby overheating the machines and bringing the whole groaning works to a final, clanking, sputtering, smoking termination.

But I still will not give up. One thing they can't regulate is my ability to speak out, at least I don't think they can. They might be able to turn off my electricity, water, heating, and burn me out of house and home. Meaning, before any of that happens, I need to get my own video camera! Two can play at that game!

Until I am finally silenced somehow, I will continue to be the leading voice of agitation against the industrial section. Telling society they've sold us a bill of goods.

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