Tuesday, April 6, 2010

So Is The Shopping Center There Or Not?

I noticed a major contradiction in the Grandma Slump world as it's being reported here at the Grandma Slump blog.

It seems that back in March 2009 I reported that the shopping center, including the Mode O'Day (called Mode-A-Day in that blog posting), was torn down. But just the other day I said I was set up with a crafting table at the shopping center and using the unsecured internet connection of the Mode O'Day store.

The only defense I have for this discrepancy is to say that's the way it goes. I'll base my plea on cartoon justice, where unusual, outlandish, and impossible things can happen and everyone makes allowances for it.

It's the same standard that allows me to say that Grandma was born in 1903 and yet she's forever 104 years old. It's like in the Family Circus comic strip, where the kids clearly have birthdays and yet never get older.

I'll try to watch this kind of stuff. But for my purposes, even though I said the shopping center was torn down in 2009, I'm going to say now that it's still there. Because I do a lot of my best hanging out there. So I need it.

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