Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Trip To The Industrial Section In The Offing

Today could be the day, for me to take a little trip out to the industrial section of town.

I still have a few things to do around the house, and I don't know that I have the energy to go out and give the place a once over. But it could happen.

I just had lunch and feel a little full, meaning I also have that tired feeling that goes along with being full. So I might lie down and take a nap, I don't know yet. The thought of it is making me feel sleepy. Then, it could be, I might take Underbrush to the park, and maybe I'll swing by the industrial section.

Of course I know the general look and feel of the place even without making a special trip. It's a very inhospitable place, we all know that. Big buildings, pulleys, conveyors, loud banging noises, piles of sand, piles of gravel, a suspicious eye at every turn.

The big redeeming fact for any snoop, like me, is that there is a housing section abutting against the industrial section. So any Checkpoint Charlie who asks me what I'm doing out there, I can just say "I'm looking for a friend's house and must've taken a wrong turn." Even out there they seldom spray your car with bullets on the first offense. The key thing, I'd guess, is to stay in your car and act calmly rather than making a run for it. Because they can always radio ahead.

It's Sunday, though, and they might let down their guard for the Lord's day. Sunday being the day that we love our neighbor as ourselves. I can use that if they question me.

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