Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Making Amends To The Industrial Industry

Like it or not (and I don't), I'm trying to make amends to the highly respected individuals who run our top industries and inhabit the industrial sections of our towns and cities.

Said amends are the result of a dispute between myself and these same folks, because of some things I wrote that obviously infuriated their patrons in the higher echelons, who then went to bat for them, pulling the strings to censure me and to demand certain changes in behavior from me, apologies and the like. Part of it is for me to balance out my attacks on the industrial sections with what I would call "puff pieces" on the benefits that industry give to society.

So today, for a short time, which is about what the subject demands, let me think long and hard, then try my best to sketch out some of those benefits. I've always believed that if a man sets his mind on a task that he can get it accomplished, if it is at all possible to do. So I am sitting here racking my brain for something nice to say about industry.

I just used an interesting expression, "If a man sets his mind..." I like that phrase. I like the whole idea of "setting" things in motion. You get a particular bee in your bonnet, you go with it. And that's what happened to me with the various industrial section posts that I've run in the last few days. It was just "set" in motion. I "set" my mind to explore the subject, which quickly became an attack on the industrial section and their ways. To me that's what comes natural, because of the various drawbacks that the industrial section gives to any town, as far as its appearance and its quality of life.

My family used to have an expression along those lines, about setting. Grandpa and Grandma very seldom argued, but they did once in a while about a few things. One of those things had to do with what we ate. Grandpa would be gone all day, maybe thinking we were going to have something particular to eat, then he'd be disappointed when he got home and he was wrong. He'd say, "I had my mouth set for ..." whatever it was, pork chops or fish. So I used to think about that phrase, like we were robots with a little controller next to our mouth, a dial you could turn to say "This mouth is set for pork chops and it will not be satisfied for any other taste sensation."

Anyway, that's an interesting subject, but I've got my fingers set to make amends to some of these cretins and the faceless lackeys who serve them, peons trying to make a living at the greater expense to the rest of us unable to breathe fresh air or enjoy the great outdoors without seeing and hearing trucks speeding by at all hours or seeing weeds along side the road sucked down into the mud. You go out there and you expect people to come goosestepping by with lots of grunts, straight armed salutes, and gun play.

But really, as far as being a benefit, I'll have to really think it over again. Then if I come up with anything beneficial in this societal disaster, I'll post it right away.

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