Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What Various Industries Concern Themselves With

As part of my settlement with the Mega Amalgamation of Commercial Heavy Industrialists Necessary for Earth (MACHINE) -- to keep them from suing me over my so-called "inflammatory" posts on their deeds and possible misdeeds -- I agreed to research some of the various industries and report on what they do and the "good ways" they "contribute" to our world.

I've only got a few minutes and about a million industries to consider, so this will be somewhat abbreviated, relying less on research than on common sense.

THE COAL INDUSTRY -- The coal industry is an industry that works with coal, a product found deep in the earth's lower sections, being a result of some kind of decomposition of plants and possibly animals and bacteria. It is packed down there in veins and needs to be jackhammered out by workers down where it is. They work in mines and pick at it with axes, hoping against hope that there won't be another cave-in and they'll all die. Coal contributes to the world in that it is used in the making of electricity and heat. But it's still considered a terrible gift to get at Christmas.

THE STEEL INDUSTRY -- Steel is a natural byproduct of iron, which is steel in its rawer form. Both iron and steel, being the same thing, the one being much rawer but being the precursor of the other, are magnetic. Meaning if you stuck a magnet up to it everything would attract each other. They use steel in the making of many things, like cars, trucks, faucets. A good way to know if it's steel is to hold a magnet up to it. If it's not magnetic it might be nickel or copper, two of our least favorite, yet necessary, coins.

THE RAILROADS -- I was sitting at a railroad crossing the other day, giving me an opportunity to research the railroad industry. The biggest thing they're known for are trains. Trains come in all sizes, from the O scale, the HO scale, the size of old fashioned Lionel trains, all the way up to actual size, the full scale models. Trains have been around ever since they were invented. At one time they used to be featured in old fashioned movies, where a lady would be threatened with being run over. The engineer is the driver of the train. He used to scoop coal into the fire and that's what kept his cabin warm. Trains pull many goods to market and also provide an artistic outlet for graffiti artists.

TRUCKING -- Trucks are one of the basic forms of transporting goods across the country, the state, the county, and locally. They range in size from toy trucks, a favorite with children, to regular size trucks on the road. They have their own songs, sung by the drivers, called truckers. They're able to go vast distances. As long as there's a road for them to travel, they can put one wheel in front of them and keep on truckin'. They usually put the merchandise they're hauling in the back, the space designed for it. If it's tied down it gets to its destination a lot more neatly. If it's not tied, it can shift and spill and it makes a mess. They weigh trucks on the interstate a lot, but mostly it's just a way to find out if the trucker is high.

THE MAKING OF ELECTRICITY -- Electric plants are charged with the task of making electricity, which we use to power all household appliances that plug in. Electricity is a thing that all of us take for granted, meaning if it weren't there we wouldn't know what to do. Yet it is also a subject that most of us don't know very much about, myself included. It's like the wind in that you can't see it but you know it's there. You know it's there by plugging in something, and if it works, it's there. Or you can accidentally touch it and it will shock you, so you know it's there. How they make it? It's made by the rushing of force ... somehow. You have to use it as its being made because there's no way to store it. Milk has a sudden expiration date and so does electricity. But whereas you can get powdered milk, they haven't successfully been able to make powdered electricity. Anyway, if you mixed powdered electricity with water, let's say, it'd shock you. So the only way to make powdered electricity would be to mix it with some other active agent rather than water, and there isn't any.

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