Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Industrial Section

One of the places in a town that is unpleasant is the industrial section of town. The town thinks they need industry, in the mistaken opinion that business and employment are good. Business and employment aren't good, because it takes away all our free time to have to be at work. Plus if we didn't have those ugly industrial sections of town we could have a lot more parks to walk in, play in, and beg money in, in lieu of having an actual job.

Of course I kid, I kid business men, whose big aim in life is to make lots of money. With it being such an all consuming aim that they work themselves into an early grave and never get a chance to spend it. Then it's taken by the government, who puts it into munitions and end up killing everyone. So it's a vicious circle.

I hate driving through the industrial section. You have a lot of rusty sheds, piles of scrap metal, a few broken down cars, and so many pipes and smoke stacks you can't keep track of them. It's a very exhausting business.

When I was a kid we used to drive by a big place that did something. They had those big gigantic tube buildings, pipes going everywhere, strings of electric lights all over the place, smoke seeping through cracks, industrial stuff being lifted up with hoists and periodically dropped on its head, scalding water going through tubes, men in hard hats looking up and pointing at things that needed to be fixed, scrap metal dangling from electromagnets, torches burning in the hallways, trains and empty cars that would sag under their burden, scaffolding, walkways, metal mesh sidewalks, rusted storage containers, trucks looking like Tonka toys down below, and enough waste pumping out back into the river to kill every fish on the planet.

We used to drive by there on our way to get something to eat and I couldn't understand the place. I used to wonder how anyone would know how to build that monstrosity. Did they need to have everything planned out in advance? Or did they just build a smaller version of the same thing, a slightly bigger dump truck in the smaller perspective, with five or six guys hoping they'd have enough money to someday get hard hats? Then as they went, they'd put up enough industrial pipe, everyone knowing where it would eventually hook on a water spigot when they had enough money to put it in, and so forth.

I don't know what they did there, but it could've been anything. Whatever it was built to do is most likely. Still, very amazing stuff!

It's a very harsh part of town, with way too much metal and rust. Way too many big chain length fences. Way too many semi trucks slowing down everyone else.

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