Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Industrial Woes

There's probably nothing more far-fetched than this whole thing that's involved me in a back and forth tussle with the powers that be behind the industrial section of town.

It seems indeed that the powers that be are powers that be, hovering over us all, working us like so many marionette puppets, taking control and keeping it at their own will. I always knew they had their tentacles out there and that they could pretty much hold sway according to their desires. But I never knew it was this bad, where they have full control. If you cross them, zap.

It's like on the old show: They control the horizontal and they control the vertical. We're just meant to sit here like so many compliant zombies and take our medicine, bitter as it may be. You see everyone rushing around like so many busy bees, seemingly unfettered. But that's only because they're already in compliance. It's no big deal to be in compliance. The average citizen is always in compliance, simply because he is not kicking against their system.

But then once in a while -- every 50 years or so, just to make a conservative estimate -- you have a guy like me, who's considered a renegade. He starts nosing around, asking questions, feeling along the seams of society, scouting out the dregs of society, and next thing you know, he's a renegade.

That's what happened with me. I have very sensitive senses and feelings. And I've always been bothered by the noise, that droning, and all the other sensations associated with the industrial section. The smoke, that's a biggie, especially in my town, where they make tires for monster trucks. The smoke pouring out and the fumes is something else. It's so thick you could cut it with a sharp edged utensil if you could see where to slice. Maybe a knife would work.

I started complaining, and I was ignorant enough to think no one noticed. But they had. And that's why they're on me. Yesterday I was supposed to go down the path of making amends, then I forgot and dug myself in deeper with renewed criticism.

Now they've let me know ... one more infraction and I'll be off the internet for a couple of days, if I'm lucky. But can I stand for that? Can any man? Am I meant to be their pawn, their plaything, their patsy? Or am I a freeborn man, with rights to stand up for my beliefs? We shall soon see ... because consider this NOT an apology.

So we shall soon see! If you don't see a post tomorrow or the next day, then they will have won. Then I will probably be back with an apology, to regain my posting privileges. But maybe they're not so tough! Maybe I'll be back here tomorrow just like I was today and yesterday and the day before that. I think that's what will happen. They can't be everywhere at once, can they?

Check back tomorrow and read what I have to say. I'm going to lay it on thick, laying into them for their offenses. It'll be wild. But if you can't read it, that will be because they've reached out with their tentacles and taken me offline. I don't think that'll happen, but if it does ... then I'll have to deal with it.

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