Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Your Own Personal Double Bathtubs Outside

I don't watch much TV, but somehow today I managed to see parts of the Cialis commercial that has the man and woman again soaking outside in their personal bathtubs.

I seem to remember the couple, maybe a different couple, soaking in individual bathtubs while looking out over a special vista, like they were up high somewhere. But the couple today seemed to be in a more low lying area, like they were practically in a forest.

How many people do you suppose really have side by side bathtubs outside that they go out and soak in? And do most of them have trouble getting it up? That is, the one who that would be most personally affected by the condition, as the one with the depressed appendage, that is.

I can see myself frolicking in the nude with a wife through the forest or over the mountain vista, if I had a wife. But to do all the things necessary to be taking a bath out in the forest, that sounds like more work than I'd "be up for."

Think, there's not usually plumbing nozzles, speaking of plumbing nozzles, up on a lonely mountain ledge. And forests, they might have a tap in a maple tree, which is aimed straight out and oozing syrup (effortlessly, and without a pill, I might say), but there isn't usually a hot water spigot.

So that leaves our lovelorn couple toting water from the car, then somehow trying to get it hot enough to bathe in. Because obviously if you're having trouble "in that area" you don't want to be sitting in cold water. Shrinkage is the last thing you need. But looking at the commercial, I didn't see any big hard logs under the tubs with a fire putting out heat. Yet there the people sat, in their tubs!

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