Thursday, March 21, 2019

Start The Ball To Rolling

No. 21 of 31 - Thermometer series

Yes, “We Are Better Than This” sums up the feeling I have today. Everyday we’re getting closer and closer to the end. And I can’t help thinking there’s more we should be doing, that maybe we’re treading water and not progressing as we should.

Let's put it in terms of pride, terms that none of us can misinterpret or lightly set aside: Will we allow Pastun and Iraqi herdsmen with the No. 1 blog  in the world (in fact, the first 6 blogs!) to best the west forever? Or will we take our natural place and reestablish the dominance we’ve so long demanded in other aspects of life, everything from sitcoms to bacon? I say we stick it to them and let them know we mean business. And if we can’t manage that little bit of strength, I demand this planet to stop and I be allowed asylum somewhere else.

Now that I’ve got your full attention, let’s look after the things we need to accomplish to Start the Ball to Rolling. If you’re fearful, reticent, and feel like shrinking back by that, please get out of my sight. I’m normally such a laid-back guy, but that’s when I thought we were on the same page. Because I can dress you down just as soon as look at you if that’s what the situation calls for.

Line up, please. In one big row. We’ll put the men’s group over here and the ladies aid over there. You, both groups, are my pride and joy. Everything I’ve called you to do, you’ve not only done but have gone beyond, bettering your best with every effort. We just celebrated you a few days ago. I remember you men and your great pride, pointing to the thermometer and saying, “Hit it!” Remember the one guy who came for the free transportation and stayed for the fun? I still can’t get over that! Free transportation for what? He didn’t even know, but he knew it was good! And the Ladies Aid, there’s no one greater than you. Manning the tubs, making sure our laundry makes us look good and we really shine!You’re right here [tapping heart].

As for the rest of the team, you’re all in my heart too. But sometimes my heart has pain, even with Dr. Vector saying there’s absolutely nothing wrong. “You’re as healthy as a team of stallions,” he said just the other day. Even so, a team of stallions gets pain when their team falls short. Each of you is giving your best, I know, but now it’s time to really dig down and see what else you can find, and give that, and 10% more. Have you got the same resolve that team of stallions has? I believe you have it! And I believe you will use it! Onward and upward! Excelsior! Let’s Get It On!"

With that, we ran screaming from the building, gathering in the road for a rally. “USA! USA! USA!”

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