Tuesday, September 1, 2009

400 Posts!

Tooting a party horn and throwing broken glass as confetti ... they said it couldn't be done ... someone must've said that.

But here I am ... proudly thrusting a fist toward one of my broken down doors ... four centuries ... if posts were years, I'd be older than the King James Bible, just by a hair.

So what's that put me at, something like the time of Shakespeare? And Shakespeare, for all this great qualities, never wrote 400 books! In fact, I've got everything he ever wrote and it's only one book.

The last 400 years have been all mine. To make the most of. To party hardy!

I've still got a freezer. They didn't take that away from me. And it could've happened. 400 posts in cold storage, each one dated and time stamped by the Blogger people. And I did it without anyone's help. I've only quoted people a few times and always with attribution.

This is my day! It's like fulfilled prophecy, or something. The sun came up for me today ... being very happy ... it arose on all four horizons ... a most wonderful day!

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