Friday, September 25, 2009

Please Have Self-Esteem! Try!

I'm back with my happiness/pride/self-esteem schtick. Ya ha [twirling index finger]. Be happy already....good grief....

What do I have to do, wear a party hat and toot a toy horn? To not have pride, self-esteem, and happiness at this point is just obstinance.

Either get it or I'll turn you over the pros. And you know what they'll do for you, poke and prod and shoot you up with psychotropics.

You signed up for boot camp. Here comes a boot, up against your backside. Hut two, hut two, hut two ... drop and give me a smile.

Don't bring me down. (Rarely does anything bring me down.) But the lack of responsiveness and your very willful attitude are coming close.

Think it over. The graveyards are littered with hotshots like you, who thought they could do it on your own, who then botched the job badly.

I don't know why I try. OK, I care, that's why. But I'm coming THIS CLOSE to throwing my hands up and saying "To Heck With It." Happiness?

You've got me tongue-tied. All I can do is make babbling noises. There's no percentage in trying to help those who won't be helped.

Still, a part of me, a very small part, remains optimistic that you'll eventually get it. The tip of my little finger. On the LEFT hand.

What a discouraging day ... this is where the best of my efforts feel like they're in vain. Like I'm being drained of my natural optimism.

But, OK ... you feel sufficiently chastened? We will advance on, and this time I HOPE we will make progress. Do you resolve to have pride?

Good, then the "Drive for Pride" will continue, but you came close to ending it all. Now I will see that you have self-esteem and happiness.

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