Monday, September 14, 2009

Would've-Could've-Should've (Tweets Constituting Part 2 Adjunct)

I look back and see what I should've done. If I would've known how it was going to've turned out, I could've very easily've done it right.

It could've turned out so differently, and perhaps it would've if I should've done it as I should've done it.

But we all have our regrets. I'm forever thinking what I could've said, what I would've done, and how it should've turned out. Hindsight.

I should've just told myself. This is the way it's to be. And I could've stuck to that. If only I would've!

Hey, who are all the ones who quit following me? I'm going to quit sending out $50 1-800-FLOWERS gift certificates to you if this keeps up.

If I would've known how it was going to be, I would've kept my money. I could've spent it on something I would've enjoyed. I should've!

Note to self: These "would've-could've-should've" tweets don't constitute Part 3 but a sort of adjunct to Part 2.

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