Friday, September 11, 2009

Other Tweets (Some Took Hours To Write)

Why doesn't the author Randi Foxx have a Wikipedia page?

I'm curious how Randi Foxx's parents were prescient enough to give her that name.

I love this statement "Bob" made: "The Beatles are arguably one of the best selling musical groups of all time..."

There's a lot of reruns on Twitter. I'm seeing the same "inspiring" quotes over and over. Isn't anyone saying anything new these days?

~Rollin' in my sweet babies' arms, the whole barn may burn down before we turn around, rollin' in my sweet babies' arms.~

Does anyone think there's any psychological benefits in balancing a penny on top of your head? I'm doing it and I'm getting a slight buzz.

Johnny Fetlock and the Hooves

I did surgery on a cassette tape today. One cassette donors body was immediately rejected. Another was good, the tape transplant successful.

I had a Nancy Wilson cassette tape reel from 1969 (original) that needed to be transplanted into a new host cassette. It was a bloody mess.

But with white gloves and delicate instruments, handed to me by my dog, we made the switch and congratulated each other profusely.

Then I dubbed the Nancy Wilson tape with an MP3 recorder and uploaded a transfusion of it to my iPod. Another round of "Success, doctor!"

"Nothing can bring you peace but yourself" - Emerson. So true. [Fingers to the face] "Presto, chango!"

Tender memories of my mother's baking: "The Can of Mommy's Crisco."

This is an "if only" day. If only I had the whole day to sit here, I'd blow you away. If only. More likely I'd fall asleep & wake up tired.

How about the unlucky oyster, always stubbing his toe, saying the wrong things in company, getting in trouble at school? A string of perils.

I'm waiting for the Beatles boxed sets to get here. Grandma's still hoping for the Rudy Valli remasters.

My grandparents never liked long hair on boys. Grandpa used to gripe & groan about "Beatle haircuts." At least he knew SOMETHING about them.

I'm a crotchety old man & I don't like everything about this new generation. I think Twitter was a lot better back in the 60s, Facebook too.

My daily blog traffic goes like this: 2, 4, 3, 5, 2, 1, 6 .... day after day. But the other day, there was ONE day when it was 50. Strange!

Since I'm completely obsessive and paranoid, I can only assume I'm being watched by the government or one of my many imagined enemies.

Sometimes I think Nobody knows me, they can't track me down ... but then I start thinking They know me very well, it's all cat and mouse.

UPS, UPS me off.

George W. Bush was disgusting from Day One. But he was even more disgusting from Day Nine Eleven. Our first "9/11" without Bush! Hurray!

It's time to buckle down, folks. Don't let another day go by without putting it off till tomorrow!

Wilson affected his obituary seriously. SOMEDAY: Joe Wilson, 96, former congressman, best known for yelling at President Obama, died today.

I got an autographed LP by George Morgan tonight. He's famous for the song "Candy Kisses," also recorded by Tony Bennett. George died 1975.

What a lucky boy am I ... The vinyl has some bad anomalies, but every rose has its thorns ... Like the flaws in a Persian rug ... But still!

To look at me you wouldn't think I was a guy of such refinement.

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