Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Good Brain And Good Fingers (Tweets)

I'm sitting here with my regular fingers. I keep my good fingers in a gold case. My good fingers are the ones I use to write good stuff.

Similarly, I keep the brain I use to edit things in another gold case. The brain I'm using right now lets almost anything get published.

So as long as the good fingers and the good brain are in their gold cases, that means I'm free to let loose and blather on about any crap.

My good fingers are very demanding. Each sentence is matched up against some gold standard they keep at Fort Knox. It's very exacting.

And my good brain is very demanding too. Even more so than the fingers. It always demands to be installed in me before the fingers. Jealous.

I'm looking over and can see the cases rocking back and forth. They know I'm on the computer. Heh, heh, thank God for little gold padlocks.

Which reminds my ordinary brain of the story of Golden Padlocks and the Three Bears. (See the low standards this brain has?)

Oh, OK...hold your horses...I'm coming. Much caterwauling going on over there. Just let me get the boxes open ... I hear ya, gimme a break!

Undo the top of my head, remove ordinary brain, slide good brain in till it clicks. Don't force the hasp. Thank goodness this is easy.

Good thing Microsoft didn't invent the brain. I'd be CONTROL-ALT-EARLOBING all night before it'd work.

Now for the fingers ... just pause here and take off the two hand components ... typing with my nose at this point ... right and left on.

Bing! From this point on I can no longer write crap. Starting NOW---------------!

It's a pleasant night. The crickets are rubbing their trumpets together, sounding brass. The sun stretches and heads toward its bedroom.

See how beautiful and smart that was? That's my good brain and good fingers for you. Very stunning stuff.

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