Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Everyone Has Issues (Tweets)

I'm sure everyone has their issues. Even those who don't seem to have issues, I'm suspicious of them. Being well-adjusted has to be a front.

Do I myself have issues? I probably do but to me it's normal. I'm just thinking of the statistical likelihood. Wouldn't I have to have some?

How could it be that I could say "I'm sure everyone has their issues" if I myself didn't have any? If I don't, tell me, but I probably do.

Maybe it just seems like I don't have issues because I tend to present myself as a well-adjusted person, hewing a straight mean in life.

That could be. But what about in my secret thoughts, the ones that don't make the grade for posting? Am I alternately sulking and screaming?

Therein I can see that indeed I do have issues, because that's precisely what's happening. The "Drive for Pride" has to start here at home.

It's the oldest proverb in the world, "Physician, heal thyself." See, you know it's old because we don't use words like "thyself" anymore.

And I don't even say "physician" that much. We say, "Doctor, doctor, give me the news. I got a bad case of loving you." Obsession isn't fun.

Today I'm thinking of the mentally debilitating aspects of comparing ourselves with others, those we judge better than ourselves.

In terms of self-esteem, doctors and physicians of the soul say comparisons are a definite no-no. So I'm tackling that important issue.

Others would probably not tackle it as readily as I have. And that's one of the things I like about myself, my lack of reticence to tackle.

Others hold back and come up with excuses for doing so. But not me. With me it's all intuition, even if it's wrong. You think it? Say it!

So you can see the kind of self-image I have. I'm like Carla here, who attracts wealth with ease. I made snap judgments and so help others.

My aim is always to lift, never to hold down, suppress, stifle, or inhibit. If you're looking for a good Twitter friend, look no farther.

Our "Drive for Pride" campaign rolls on! Keeps rollin' rollin' rollin', tho the streams are swollen. It just keeps a rollin', self-esteem!

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