Monday, September 21, 2009

Everybody Must Be Proud (Tweets)

OK, Fall is almost here ... time to pound the drum for people to have more self-esteem and pride ... since 'Pride goeth before Fall.'

To boost your self-esteem, think about all the things that are true of yourself right this minute. You're able to read ... that's something.

Reading is just like walking. You put one word in front of the other and you keep right on going. I'm proud I know how to read.

You're breathing. That's something you're doing right this minute. But let's say you're on oxygen, very serious. It's still breathing.

You just start with what you have. As stripped down as you may be, if you know how to breathe at least you're maintaining life and being.

The monks make a big deal out of breathing. I've read what they say. They're right. There's normal breath, fire breath, all different kinds.

So be proud of yourself for being able to breathe. We have a whole yard of people in my town who can't breathe. They're held down by rocks.

I like to sit and watch my dog sleeping. Her body goes up and down with each breath. It occurs to me that it doesn't occur to her.

Then there's the cats, the same thing. One will be curled up on a chair, doing nothing but sleeping ... and breathing. In, out, very still.

Self-esteem and pride includes everything you're able to achieve. But you've already achieved a lot just by sitting doing nothing.

We're "Driving for Pride" and we won't let up till everyone is proud of themselves. This includes the youngest infant and the oldest elder.

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