Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cold Case -- Details On "The Grandpa Case"

I gained further information on yesterday's "Cold Case -- The Trivial Stuff" entry, the case of Grandpa driving a vehicle in a public park, not on the road.

I decided to interview again the person who remembered it. I didn't mention that the interview would be with the purpose of incriminating her grandfather. I find that you get more and better information if people don't realize what your true motives are. So I played it smooth, and, as expected, she sang like a bird.

With a look of happy recollection, she stated that Grandpa did indeed drive a Jeep in the city park, and not just on the roads, but over the hills and through the woods. I asked where would all the other people be? She said it was usually holidays, like Thanksgiving, and so there weren't people out in the park. Just them, grandchildren ... with one dangerous Grandpa at the wheel.

I clarified that it was Grandpa's idea to do this and not something the kids egged him on to do. That was right, she said. He seemed to like it, in fact, that they could bounce along in the park in this Jeep or Jeep-like contraption.

I asked about whether they had seat belts on. She said no. I quickly checked the laws at the time and it seems that there wasn't any seat belt restrictions then. Still, does it seem like a loving grandfather, who would let his grandchildren's lives be at greater risk by now having them properly seated and restrained?

She explained that he only had an eighth grade education. There's a possible "Cold Case" there as well.

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