Friday, December 11, 2009

Cold Case -- The Trivial Stuff

Here's a great idea for a show, bringing in lots of forensics and investigatory demands: "Cold Case -- The Trivial Stuff."

It's where they go back and try to solve some of the unknown mysteries of the world, which do present themselves from time to time in people's memories.

I heard one the other day that made me think of this. I thought, That was clearly against the law. Someone should investigate the matter, get together surviving witnesses, and see what we could do to try the person.

In this case, the alleged perpetrator is dead, but that doesn't mean we couldn't try him anyway. Just like you can pardon someone posthumously, there's no reason you can't set the record straight the other way too.

In this case, I think there might be enough surviving witnesses to convict, depending on the level of the investigation, how seriously we go into all the aspects.

Here's the case: I heard of a Grandpa who, allegedly, in the late 1950s sometime, took his grandchildren for a ride in a car or jeep through a city park. The woman I was talking to remembers being on this ride, prompting me to say, "That was surely illegal," driving his car in the city park. Not on the road but through the park itself!

I would like to open this very cold case. It's trivial, of course, but that's the whole point of the show. Let's find justice, no matter how big or small.

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