Wednesday, December 23, 2009

White Christmas -- The Whole Movie!

I watched a whole movie tonight, in one sitting, which is almost unheard of. It was "White Christmas," with Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, and Rosemary Clooney and Vera Ellen.

I'm probably the only person who hasn't seen this movie before. I'd only seen a couple minutes of it. All this time! And we even had it on VHS for years. But movies and me don't always mix.

It showed up today on DVD, and it being the day before Christmas Eve and all, I decided to sit there while it was playing, and pretty soon two hours had passed and it was over. So that's how it happened.

It's a very nice movie. I only have one complaint. The whole time Rosemary Clooney was mad at Bing Crosby sucked. And I thought it was especially bad that he never learned why she was so mad. Come on. Someone could've said, "Hey, why are you so mad? Let's work this out." But it was an intrinsic part of the plot, I guess, although it seems like it could've been worked out somehow.

Anyway, other than that, I loved it. Vera Ellen must've been a big time dancer. She had very muscular legs. And the singing was very good too for everyone.

It looked great on a big screen TV. The widescreen thing was just right to fill out the TV, no black bars at the top and bottom.

P.S. So George Chakiris was in the movie. From "West Side Story." I recognized him in one place and was thinking it had to be him.

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