Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Big Christmas Party

I'm cleaning up the house, getting ready to host a (modest) Christmas party for some of the neighbors.

We try to stir up the sense of love and brotherhood in the neighborhood on this one special day.

Then the rest of the year, everyone can fend for themselves.

We're going to have cheese and crackers and all the fixin's. Maybe some candy, if I can find some on sale.

I figure I'll pop a Christmas CD in the CD player, lift an eggnog for a toast to a great day, and let it go at that.

Too bad I can't arrange for a few live animals to be tied out in the yard, besides the dog.

Nothing says Christmas like a cow, a donkey, an ox, or a sheep.

All of nature learned the true meaning of Christmas when they were all gathered at the manger.

I ought to look into starting my own menagerie, then rent out my animals when Christmas rolls around, all through December.

Except I'd have to feed and water and tend to their veterinarian needs all through the year.

I can imagine if you had a group of animals, they'd get used to what they were there for, and would perk up when November came.

Then by the time December rolled around, they would be just itching to stand by the little manger that I would also have had built for it.

I'd come around with a sugar cube for whichever animals like sugar cubes, and the other assorted rewards that are valuable to animals.

Good boy, Babe the ox. Good show, Clompers the horse. Way to low, Bossie the cow. How reverential, Peewee the sheep.

But until then, I'll have to check the phone book, and see if there are any Rent-a-Menageries that might come around and bless the guests.

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