Friday, December 4, 2009

"The Trail of Life Leads Home" (Our Sacred Number)

There are roads and there are many we must travel,
To get to where we going on our way.
But there's just one road not paved and that's not gravel,
That will take us up to God on that bright day.

I am here to tell the truth to you my brother
Of the trail of which I speak that we must trod.
You will find there's only one and there's no other,
That's the trail of life that leads our way to God.

Now of all of the trails that man might go or wander,
And in all of his long journeys he might roam,
There's no road or trail to take him way up yonder,
But the trail of life that leads to God's dear home.

Oh the trail of life, it leads home,
Oh the trail of life, the only one,
Oh the trail of life, let's be goin'
On the trail of life, no more to roam.

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