Monday, December 14, 2009

From A Mountain To A Molehill Of Snow

I've got a mountain of snow in my yard, thanks to the snow being removed in the driveway.

There it is ... and there it will stay, until it melts. Which I fully expect will happen before August.

I walk by it and think of how heavy it is. Just a shovelful of snow is heavy, think what a whole mountain about 10 feet high would weigh. I always thought it'd be fun to make a little cave and go in, but it'd kill you if it caved in.

But no matter how much it weighs now, eventually it will be no match for the heat of spring. Bit by bit it will go away, and the grass will be greening under it. Somehow. How it's able to exist under there without getting oxygen, I don't know. Unless it gets it from the snow.

Anyway, that's science. And science works whether I know anything about it or not.

It's a great thing to see it in the spring when it's just about zapped out. I like seeing that last little bit. No snow anywhere else, but there's still a last little bit from this mountain, the last to go. When it gets small enough I'm over there whacking it with a shovel to make it melt faster. And even that's hard.

But you go in, watch TV, take a shower, whatever ... and the next time you go out, it's about done for.

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