Wednesday, December 2, 2009

This Writer Writes Online

Thank you for all your kind remarks about my online writing. I agree, it does seem like it comes easy to me.

There's just something enervating (invigorating? what's the right word?) about the instant feedback you get, even from multiple countries.

It's made me start thinking about signing up for Rosetta Stone just so I can read my fan mail.

It's all very foreign stuff ... some of you know a smattering of English. For those who don't, I appreciate the little smiley faces.

But most of my feedback is definitely in a form I can understand. And that's what gives me, and other writers, probably, such a rush.

So, as it is, I can definitively say, yes, it's true, and there's no doubt -- not any longer -- that I indeed do my best writing ... online.

Online... Just to say the word is to conjure up all kinds of futuristic imaginings!

Who knew? I didn't know. I wasn't predicting it when I was a young writer in fourth grade. I never imagined it. It still boggles my mind.

At that time I was doing what every other creative kid was doing, buying Big Chief tablets at the Feed Store (they had tablets for sale.)

I'd sketch out my little wisdom. Do the "Dear Diary" thing. Make lists of my possessions. Write secret codes and wish I had invisible ink.

I'd make up little poems or jokes, like "JOHNNY---" then something he says, then "TEACHER----", and finally the punchline from "JOHNNY---."

It was all funny at the time. Grandma liked whatever I made up. Plus fantasies about giants, complete with artwork. One Big Eye in his head.

Then came the awkward years. When I didn't want anyone to see my musings. It was a lot of weird "confessions" teen boys might make.

Then I dropped out of sight. I myself didn't even keep track of my comings and goings. It was all very secretive, looking away.

Then they invented the whole online universe. And I felt my shell getting softer from the inside, and finally it fell off my back.

I poked my head out of my shirt, looked around, got used to the light, and started writing. And that's how I came to be here today.

Now I'm ruined for tablets. I can't write on a tablet.

I can only write online. That is to say, I do my best writing online.

Thank you one and all for your constant encouragement. And to those of you in foreign countries, smiley faces back at you!

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