Thursday, December 17, 2009

Grandma Slump May Partner With



The chips are falling where they may and the stars are coming into alignment. It definitely looks like it may happen at last, at long last.

Representatives of both parties -- Mega-Bookstore and Mega-Blog Grandma Slump -- have been in intense and serious negotiations for some time. Talks have broken down from time to time, but somehow they keep going back to the table. Finally, they kicked out the lawyers and just sat down at a round table, the principals, to hammer out a tentative agreement. Then the lawyers were called back in to take down the fine print.

Jeff Bezos said, "We're not saying it's a done deal yet, but if anything, we're closer to agreement now than we've ever been in the past. The Grandma Slump blog, if we do finally proceed together, will be a valuable partner, allowing us to sell more books in one day than we've sold in all the years of our history put together."

D.B. Kundalini, speaking for the Grandma Slump blog, gave high marks to the folks as well, saying, "We've looked at each other eye to eye. Yes, we knocked our heads together a few times, but it was just business, nothing personal. Amazon has a formidable negotiating team and I respect that. But we're looking out for our interests, of course, which they understand. And we hope that we'll be able to proceed in a joint venture soon, very very soon."

He went on to explain some of the stumbling points, saying he needs to examine some of's merchandise to see if it's up to industry standards. Like, are the books of the same quality that you would get in a bookstore, or are they some kind of cheap, paperback knockoffs? And the same for the music products. Are they the original artists or some kind of inferior sound alike groups? If those two "thorny issues" can be answered in a definitive way, Kundalini said, he thinks they might be on the fast track to resolving matters and proceeding.

If there are any changes to the Grandma Slump blog, they will be minor. An link here or there, perhaps some medium sized graphics, perhaps a column sized mini-store, perhaps some larger banner ads, giving a steady stream of blog visitors the opportunity to buy things without leaving the comfort of their own computer.

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