Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Money Falling From The Sky

My brother and I used to tear the leaves off a big tree/shrub thing that bordered our lawn and pretend they were money. I don't know if we killed the thing by tearing off so many leaves, but we were very rich for a while.

There's money everywhere, if you're ready to take it. Such as being a snow removal guy. It's a cloudy, terribly overcast day, with lots of snow forecast. The snow removal guy is probably at home oiling his machines. Rubbing his hands together with glee. Because those clouds are his piggy bank. It's going to be his Christmas bonus falling from the sky. Like hitting the jackpot on a slot machine.

For the rest of us, it's a thing of dread. There are times when I love extremes in the weather and even lots of snow. But usually it's UCK! I don't want to see it. For the rest of us, we might get stuck and need to be pulled out. There's money in it for that guy too. Or a hundred different things. I heard it was going to snow a bunch so I went and bought a bunch of groceries. So it's money for the grocery store too.

You want to be ready ... in case you have to stay in the house for a month. But of course you never do, because they have it plowed out way before that.

It'd be weird to be one of those guys, a hermit, out in a cabin in the woods, and have 20 inches of snow. There you'd sit, your cabin surrounded by drifts, your food cooking in a big stew pot, with your feet propped up on a hassock, reading a book. Big wool socks. Nowhere to go. Just sit there with some stew, and maybe a piece of homemade moose jerky for a snack.

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