Thursday, December 3, 2009

Have I Still Got It?

Yesterday I was crowing loud and hardy about my online writing abilities, essentially claiming they are second to none. I've been giving that a lot of thought, thinking now maybe I came off a little too boastful, a little too cocky.

And they may be a downside to that, psychically, because today I don't feel like I can think of much to say. I'm sure it's some kind of balance problem. What was going on yesterday was some kind of shadow irruption. Now today I'm paying the price.

So I'm here to tinker around and see if I still have it, if I still got it.

I got up today thinking about some strange stuff. I was thinking about priests going to their church in the early morning hours, looking up at the crucifix. I wondered if they genuflected when no one was around. They probably do, just in case.

Also, since I've been tracking a package from China, I was thinking about airplane security and packages. Someone could sabotage one, of course, but if they don't, everything's going to be OK. They don't strip search packages, in other words. No one is suspicious of a box, again, unless it's been tampered with.

Neither one of those things is much to go on. The thing about priests is more interesting. It must be amazing to get up and do the Mass the first thing every morning. That's quite a schedule. I also was wondering if they did some kind of personal devotions beforehand, or if it's all just done cold.

Today, I haven't got it. Tomorrow, I might.

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