Saturday, December 26, 2009

The World's Tiniest Box Of Chocolates

A box of chocolates, to be a true box of chocolateS, would have to have more than one chocolate. But someone gave me a box of chocolates that only had two chocolates, making it the world's tiniest box of chocolates.

That's right -- two pieces.

It's an actual little box, a base, a lid, a tiny holder for the chocolates inside, and the two pieces of candy cradled in there, just waiting for three seconds to pass until it's an ex-box of chocolates.

Actually I tried to savor them as much as I could, because, face it, it's easy to see the end from the beginning when there's only two to start with! I ate one, then had to decide whether I was an optimist or pessimist, who thought the box was already half empty or still half full. I decided it was half empty, then completely empty, when I went for the other piece.

What is this box of chocolates called? "Whitman's Reserve," subtitled in an exquisite script font, "A Premium mini collection." A mini collection? Can two be a collection? I would've liked to put that over on the guys when I was a kid. "You guys want to come see my baseball card collection? It's great. I've got two cards." It's a mini collection. Mini collection, my eye. You better hope you have the bubble gum, because all you've got is two stinking cards!

But the "Whitman's Reserve" is a nice little box of chocolates. The box is a very nicely crafted box. It seems like a heck of a lot of work and packaging for two pieces of candy. But of course they make money by making it look classy.

I can't remember what they tasted like, but there was a round white coated one with little brown stripes and a square brown piece. The little holder inside, kind of like a gold lined casket, shows the shapes of the late candy bodies.

Now the candy's gone, but I still have this little box to deal with.

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