Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Hostage Situation Ended Well

It was over with last night, actually, and wasn't allowed to drag on very long.

The guy didn't get out of jail, so subsequently they didn't have to shoot him. As you may recall, he was being given spiritual comfort by a minister, who had a spiritual lesson typed out on two pages stapled together.

Somehow when the minister was looking the other way, or perhaps praying, the inmate was silently working the staple off the corner of the papers. Next thing, allegedly, he had the minister by the throat and had the staple up to his exposed jugular vein.

That's when the threats commenced, and the demands, that he be released immediately and with haste. Naturally the authorities tried to talk him down, tried to diffuse the situation as well as they could. I believe they had his mother on a speakerphone.

The whole thing ended when the guy allowed a jailer to bring in a plate of sandwiches, because he was getting hungry. But what was unknown to the guy was that the jailer had a plate-sized electromagnet under a towel instead of sandwiches. Getting it close, the staple flew out of his hand and of course adhered (or clung) to the magnet.

That was all she wrote, as they say. The minister was freed, the guy was back in jail, at this point in some serious trouble. And all turned out to have been well that ended well.

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