Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cold Case -- The Trivial Stuff -- A Rationale

I've stumbled on to a new vocation, investigating the forgotten past and trying to bring justice in response to certain situations.

Some investigators examine cold case murders, robberies, the various infamous cases of the past, seeking for new and better insights.

I'm doing the same kind of thing, but the cases that interest me are the ones that could be called more trivial in nature.

For example, if I hear someone telling me that a relative broke the law 50-60 years ago, even if it was only a parking offense, that's one.

I've been working on a case about a Grandpa who drove his grandchildren in a city park, not on the road, but right through the park itself. A second link.

It allegedly happened around 50 years ago.

By checking city code books -- and relying on my omnipresent common sense -- I'm starting to put together a list of laws broken by the man.

And this -- shameful -- while entertaining grandchildren! Whose lives were probably in danger at the time, and certainly their morals.

It makes a difference too. Because a lot of these grandkids have kids and grandkids of their own today ...

... Which they wouldn't have had had Grandpa's actions led to fatal injuries.

So, no, I'm sorry, it's not funny when someone breaks the law. That's true today, and it's just as true for 50+ years ago.

In fact, maybe it's worse to break the law 50 years ago, because we've had 50 years of consequences already.

But breaking the law today, there's still 50 years ahead of us and the consequences are still non-existent as of this writing.

Anyway, that's one of the cases. I believe I got a bit worked up about it there because I take this stuff ultra-seriously. It matters.

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