Sunday, August 23, 2009

The "Already Classic" Designation

I take my own writings very seriously. I try not to let a single syllable fall to the ground. Each is like a precious sparrow in my sight.

When I write something the process is not always a joy to behold. I'm stymied, then when I get stymied, I get steamed. And when I get steamed, it comes out badly. At those times I let it set. Maybe I take a nap. Do something fun with the dog. Paint the garage.

Then I come back, reinvigorated, and able to conclude whatever it was. A short piece, like a tweet. Or a lengthier blog post. Sometimes it takes a lot out of me, sometimes the demon sparks are coming off my fingers and I'm blazing.

For the most part, I feel like I can pat myself on the back and say, "It's a job well done."

Well, in that spirit, through the many months I've been here, I've thought from time to time that a piece now and then was especially worthy of high praise, perhaps a prize. But the prizes do not come for those of us who labor more or less in the shadows.

If I'm ever fortunate enough to become a wealthy person -- like if I ever go into politics and turn bad -- I will use some of my wealth to recognize those who labor in the shadows. But I'll need to know where to look.

Therefore, I'm hoping to set an example for others like myself, who think they've done a good thing now and again and want to honor themselves. For this purpose, I've come up with a designation for particular pieces to go by, called "Already Classic."

If it's very good and deserves more than my own acclaim, benefactors will know where to look, when a writing is tagged or marked with a graphic, which I will commission in the next several weeks if it can be gotten for under a few hundred dollars, "Already Classic."

A number of my pieces deserve the classification. But I'm willing to forego past glory. Just be aware that the future is wide open, starting with my "Already Classic" "The Mule Stands Alone" post.

UPDATE: I came up with the "Already Classic" graphic in just a few minutes, saving myself a few hundred dollars. I think the graphic itself deserves an "Already Classic" designation. So consider it done.

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