Sunday, August 23, 2009


I saw a cute checkout woman at the store, Tabitha. It's like West Side Story: "Tabitha, Tabitha, there's never been a name like Tabitha."

There was some mild horseplay going on between her and the bag boy. They actually included me, "He says I'm going to kill my cat!"

What? Does he mean he doesn't think you can take care of it? "Yeah, but I had FIFTEEN cats back in __name of town__." How playful it was.

~I've just met a girl named Tabitha, and suddenly that name will never be the same to me. Tabitha!~

It's funny, when you pay with a debit card they have the ability to call you by your first name, which she did. Like we knew each other!

~I also met a girl named Lemaperu, and suddenly that name, which I'd never heard before, will never be the same to me. Lemaperu!~

And walking down the aisle, I'm suddenly struck by the beauty of a big blonde next to the meat case. I hope it's not obvious, my staggering.

But it's August -- fresh August -- when an old man's fancies turn to the things of romance, and everything you see is a vision, so stunning.

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