Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tweets - 08-04-2009

Grandma is nearly always asleep. I am her grandson, who take care of all her internet affairs. And speak my own mind about life as it goes.

I love the independent study of group dynamics. Sometimes it's a real drag to be with people, until you silently note the dynamics going on.

Knowledge of group dynamics is how I will defeat the Grange Brotherhood. I might pit one against the other by sly seating arrangements.

That's why they rearranged the deck chairs on the Titanic. The arrangement of seating is one way to channel (direct) the dynamics going on.

The best way to affect group dynamics is to act on your first thought and deal through intuition. But don't over-think the results.

One thing to know about group dynamics in a college class is this. If participation is key to your grade, speak up from the very first day!

The reason for speaking right up is that the class will silently adopt a particular group dynamic and it's very tough to be included later.

Even in the hot sun, raking sticks, I'm still thinking of group dynamics. There seems to be no more compelling subject! I'm sure of it.

The sun is beating down relentlessly on my head. It's like a tanning salon out here.

I'm already familiar with the Grange Brotherhood's patterns, their group dynamics. It's almost tiresome, it's so obvious. But stick with me.

You never "meet" a group dynamics expert. They're behind a lamp or curtain, taking notes. But they come in later to map the chairs and room.

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